Elixir development and consulting services

We are trusted by CTOs, engineering managers and software engineers from companies that use Elixir all around the world

Custom Software Development

We develop applications in Elixir for SaaS and digital companies. We help with staff augmentation or project-based work.

Our clients that use this service are usually in situations such as:

Need more Elixir engineers to increase development velocity

Have deadlines or expectations that they need to meet

Migrating to Elixir or adding Elixir to their tech stack

Our typical Elixir development engagements look like these:

From 2 to 6 of our engineers working with your team

Contracts from 3 to 12 months

Elixir Development Subscription

The subscription is a direct line between your engineering team and our team of Elixir experts.

It’s designed for teams that want to develop software with confidence and speed.

Through the subscription, our teams will interact via online meetings, support and code review.

The service includes

Development support

Support cases for development questions and code review

Development assistance

Meetings and pairing sessions with our Elixir experts

Media to attract developers

Promote Elixir job openings in our network (Elixir Radar and Twitter)

Plataformatec can help you

Our portfolio of services were created with teams using Elixir in mind. We know how to help you and your team.