Services for fast growing startups using Elixir

We are trusted by CTOs managing teams using Elixir

Custom Software Development

We develop applications in Elixir for digital companies. We help by speeding up development, analyzing requirements and managing the development process to reduce delay risks.

Our clients that use this service are usually in situations such as

Building software that needs scalability, high performance or high availability

Launching or delivering their product by a specific business deadline

Migrating their current language to Elixir or adding Elixir to their stack

You can count on the following items with our projects and assigned teams

Teams starting from 2 up to 6 developers

An agile project manager for better processes

Usual duration of 3 to 12 months

Elixir Development Subscription

Elixir Development Subscription is a service to provide trustworthy support to companies building Elixir applications without losing speed. Our team of consultants will help your technology team with common technical decisions and dilemmas, such as defining architecture, how to quickly ramp up new developers, and how to prepare your application for production.

The service includes

Development support

Development assistance

Ramp-up of new developers

Plataformatec can help you

Our portfolio of services were created with teams using Elixir in mind. We know how to help you and your team.  You can trust us.