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Agile Mindset

Since 2009 we work with agile methodologies.

At first, using agile to develop software projects for our customers. Then, we went further and started training new clients in agile methodologies and helping them extract the best of this working method.

Below are practical examples of what we have learned over the years.

Content and educational materials

Solid examples of our knowledge

Our blog is read by more than 18,000 people every month. An article about agile that we are very proud to have written is “Power of the metrics: don’t use average to forecast deadlines“.


It is part of our mission to help the progress of the software industry as a whole.

For this reason and for the pleasure of sharing, we are always lecturing at events.

Below are the lectures from our team members on Agile, which currently, are only available in Portuguese.


Since when we started using agile in 2009, we have always striven to combine the best qualitative and quantitative approach. Over the years, we have accumulated enough knowledge, created new practices as well as new predictability templates for agile projects.
Métricas Ágeis

Métricas Ágeis

Author Raphael Albino

Get better results with your team (book in Portuguese)


These are the companies we helped become more agile.

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