Custom Software Development

We develop applications in Ruby for digital companies. We help by speeding up development, analyzing requirements and managing the development process to reduce delay risks. We work together with the client's team. On Plataformatec's side, we have full stack developers, agile project managers and an engagement manager. On the client’s side, there are usually product managers, designers, and devops.

Our clients that use this service are usually in situations such as:

Building software that needs scalability, high performance or high availability

Must launch or deliver by a specific deadline

Migrating to Elixir or adding Elixir to their stack

You can count on the following items with our projects and assigned teams:

Team with 2 to 6 developers

An agile project manager for better process performance

Usual duration of 3 to 12 months


In software consulting projects, we help our clients on two fronts:
  • Diagnosis and recommendation to base technical decisions, with less cost and risk.

  • Knowledge transfer (mentoring).

The most recurrent themes that have emerged in this type of project are:

Better approach in the evolution (or rescue) of legacy systems (dilemma between refactoring vs. rewriting).

Software architecture as development bottleneck.

Performance problems (sluggish).

Architectural vision and communication among stakeholders through agile documentation.

Architectural migration roadmap structuring.

Good software modeling practices, based on strategic concepts of domain-driven design (DDD).

Our Clients

logo locaweb

The Locaweb is a pioneer and leader in professional hosting services in Brazil.

Creditas is a digital lending platform focused on secured lending.

logo intuit

Financial software company that develops and sells financial, accounting, and tax preparation software.

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