We are the company behind Elixir

Elixir is a programming language created in 2012 as a research and development project at Plataformatec, led by José Valim (one of our founders).

We were also co-creators of other initiatives such as Ecto and helped maintain projects like Phoenix and database adapters/drivers.

Other Elixir projects created by Plataformatec were Mox, NimbleCSV and NimbleParserc.

We are part of the Core Team and co-creators of Ecto, which is a database wrapper and an Elixir query generator.

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We are part of the Core Team and co-creators of Phoenix, a web development framework written in Elixir, which implements the MVC standard on the server side.

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Elixir is a language aligned with current hardware and market trends.

Multi-core support makes software scalable and, along with language tooling, offers productivity during development. Several frameworks expand Elixir to other domains, such as realtime web applications (Phoenix), embedded software (Nerves) and data processing (Flow).

José Valim , Elixir creator and Plataformatec co-Founder

Gartner & Plataformatec

Gartner lists Plataformatec as Elixir supplier

Elixir appeared for the second consecutive time in the 2018 report “IT Market Clock for programming Languages, 2018”.

In addition, Plataformatec has been listed as the leading provider of Elixir services in the same report.

Content and educational materials

The content and materials we publish are solid examples of our knowledge.

Our blog is read by more than 18,000 people every month. An article about Elixir that we are very proud to have written is “Elixir in times of microservices“.

In addition to our blog content, the educational materials available for download are downloaded by thousands of people every month. A good example is our Ecto ebook.

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It is part of our mission to help the progress of the software industry as a whole

For this reason and for the pleasure of sharing, we are always lecturing at events.

Below are the lectures from our team members on Elixir:

O case da Plataformatec com Elixir

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Elixir. Programação funcional e pragmática

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Over the years, our team members have written and published books on Elixir. Below are some of these books:

Adopting Elixir | From concept to Production

Co-Author José Valim

Adopting Elixir is written by Ben Marx, José Valim and Bruce Tate and published by PragProg. This book was written for the Elixir community who are adopting this new language or for those who are planning to adopt it in the near future.

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Programming Phoenix

Co-Author José Valim

Programming Phoenix
Productive |> Reliable |> Fast
Programming Phoenix is written by Chris McCord, Bruce Tate and José Valim and published by PragProg.

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